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Sep. 27th, 2009 @ 11:26 am something stupid/funny/weird
so i was kickin' it at megamall with my sister earlier today. had lunch, went to mass, walked around a bit. she suggested we go to starbucks, so we did. then i saw this pretty lady, and on a whim i started writing. then when i was done, i approached her and her friends and said,

"this is gonna sound really really weird, but i was just wondering if i could know your name. see, i saw you, and i just started writing, and now the song needs a title."

she said her name was chris (or is it kris?). but i ain't used to doing shit like that, so i forgot to ask her for the spelling, nor did she get to read what i wrote. haha. well, i hope i see her again.

and the river flows...